Medicare Updates for 2013

We have updated our web site to reflect the Medicare updates for the 2013 policy year.

We updated the Medicare Part A & B chart for 2013.

We updated the Medigap F,G, and N chart to reflect the changes for 2013. This chart shows our most popular Medigap plans.

We also found a mistake on our 10 Medigap Plans at a glance chart. One of the checkmarks was out of place for Medicare Part B excess coverages.  Thank you to one of our great customers that saw this and notified us. We appreciate you!

If you prefer to read a short summary of the Medicare updates for 2013 check out this short article.

I think that’s all the changes for today.  Thanks for visiting our web site and be sure to contact us with any questions you have.  We’re working to build a Frequently Asked Questions page and we need your questions!

Have a great day!
Medicare Instructors

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